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Who let the Dogs out - (image:
Who let the Dogs out - (image:

Tories gang up on Labour

What's All That About?

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According to @Christopher Hope in the Telegraph online today, George Osborne, Theresa May, Nicky Morgan, Sajid Javid and William Hague are to be let out of the kennels and set to savage the Labour Party spending plans.


Well, apparently, they believe that we think what they say about their enemy is going to be truthful, fair, honest, and "what we need to know."

Complete and utter bollocks! 

Just like any other politician, what they will "reveal" about the other side will be a pile of carefully contrived and twisted crap designed to undermine voters confidence. 

And why do they do it? Advertising Gurus, arguably the best and most professional communicators in the world ever,  have long known that being negative about the competitive product really pisses potential customers off, so you are a prat to try it.

There is a simple rule - if you speak to someone in negative tones, THEY STOP LISTENING. This is a natural human trait. We naturally like short, simple, upbeat messages. This is not some new phenomenon, this has been the case since we walked around shouting "Ug" at each other.

Listen to all the great speech makers who held the attention of the audience. They spoke about how THEY were going to save the world/your soul/society. They talk about optimism, the future, success. It might be all lies, but the fact that it is in positive terms at least mean people listen, even if they don't agree.

These out of date, fat-headed politicians from ALL parties are so many thousands of years out of date with society that they just don't understand that WE DON'T LIKE IT! Your miserable, negative rants only appeal to other negative ranters - they don't win people over.

This election is going to be the most negative for years for two reasons - Politicians hate coalitions (basically, the greedy little sods are too babyish to know how to share and compromise and want absolute power) and the voters are more split than ever before, which means the dogs are going to be unleashed for the duration.

So, look out for day after day after day or Tory Thugs, Labour Louts, UKIP Hooligans and Lib Dem Miseries. It might be entertaining, but it will be a nasty joke on the electorate. But since when have they cared about us?

Talk about it

Be nice, don't swear, keep to the subject. This is not some "adult only" room where you can be a big jerk and think you are all grown up. We are all stuck in the middle one way or another, so be fair to the others you are stuck with.

Love and kisses, @its_middle_me

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