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The Interview - © Sony Pictures
The Interview - © Sony Pictures

The Interview?

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So some bloke in some country that hates its own people more than it hates anyone else hasn't got a sense of humour. So, that's like new?

Okay, so having a film about you getting shot is probably pushing the sense of humour bit to its limits, but still! I mean, becoming head of state is more or less setting yourself up to being shot at, figuratively speaking .... literally too, of course.

But you know, that is what life is about. You fight through skool, get bullied by the football team and teased by all the girls because of the family hairstyle, then you are piss poor at college, but daddy gets you a pass anyway and throws in a couple of meddles. But that is just life as the son of a tyrannical, paranoid, people murdering bastard of a leader.  We've all been there! Okay, so most of us haven't, but we can imagine it, if we take enough mind altering drugs.

And in the end, what does it matter? You get to chuck atomics around anyway, so what do you care? And if some obscure CEO of some unheard of company wants to take the piss, let him! You can always hack his computers and threaten his audiences.

Or you could just grow up and not give a damn.


According to Rolling Stone, activists are planning on dropping 100,000 copies of the film from balloons.

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