Me In The Middle
Government forces Tobacco companies to make slimy cigarette packaging
  • New packs to be covered in slime
  • Almost impossible to pick up
  • Make your coat pockets disgusting
  • Added sewer odour to be introduced
TV Election Debates - Complete bollocks

What is a general election?

Simple - it is our chance to vote for who we want to run our country.

What has it become? A pathetic wresting match where our wants are ignored and the leaders fight between them selves.

Sunday - Must be Creationism Day

As the Sun that spins slowly round us wakes me from my slumber, and the moon and the stars are puffed out like candles, I stretch and think, "Oh, yes, the world is only 6000 ish years old!"

It is that comfort of knowing that for one day we can throw all that inconvenient scientific evidence in the bin, and put back on our silly heads.

Detox? Your Essential Todo List

Its January, and we all know what that means, girls and boys - Detox Time!

Yep, its that time of year when we Purge, Purge, Purge! Are you Ready to Ditto the Detox?

Let's Go!

Is Targetted Advertising a waste of good advertising space?

It is this big new beast that has been growing like a parasite. It creeps up on you and shoves rubbish onto your computer or phone when you are desperately trying to do something else.

It tracks you down and nags you till you bleed.

Tories gang up on Labour

So, the negative electioneering starts here.

Chris Hope in the Telegraph writes that five Tory cabinet members are set to launch a huge attack on the Labour spending plans.

What? Too cowardly to talk about their own policies?

BBC does pointless test on Calorie Counter

What is the point of a device that tells you how many calories you have already eaten?

The BBC seem to have been so busy seeing if it worked that they missed the obvious!

Votes for the English?

What is all this stuff about English MPs voting for English Laws?

Don't they do that already? Why don't they like their friends across the borders helping out?

This is a case of the WRONG devolution!

The Wrong Hercules

Sound the trumpets! Rally the crowd! Bang the Drums!

Netflix has uploaded that amazing Hercules film .... sort of

The Interview?

What? Some stupid country gets to tell another stupid country what film to watch?

Seems like a waste of time.

It's me in the middle, ain't it!

Yep, this is a new blog by some git in the UK who is not going to say who she is. It is all about being stuck in the middle and not being able to do a damned thing about it.

Know that feeling?

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