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2015. Will we survive it?

Watch out! 2015 has landed.

Oh, come on, you have to have known it would come along at sometime, didn't you? Well, here it is and what can we expect? British general election, Alex Salmond being reborn, Nigel Fararge everywhere, more climate change, more struggling economies and then all the dark stuff like ISIS and Windows 10.  You may not want to read this....

Tories gang up on Labour

So, the negative electioneering starts here.

Chris Hope in the Telegraph writes that five Tory cabinet members are set to launch a huge attack on the Labour spending plans.

What? Too cowardly to talk about their own policies?

TV Election Debates - Complete bollocks

What is a general election?

Simple - it is our chance to vote for who we want to run our country.

What has it become? A pathetic wresting match where our wants are ignored and the leaders fight between them selves.

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