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Why don't they shutup about each other?

Election fever is about to hit the country whether we want it to or not and a huge part of that is going to be me sitting here watching each of the party politicians rip holes in the other partys' politicians.

But are we really interested in what they have to say about each other.

TV Election Debates - Complete bollocks

What is a general election?

Simple - it is our chance to vote for who we want to run our country.

What has it become? A pathetic wresting match where our wants are ignored and the leaders fight between them selves.

Leaders fly to Saudi to pay respects to Abdullah. Should they?

David Cameron is flying to Riyadh to pay respects to the late Saudi King, Abdullah, a man who has ruled over a country that comes down hard on women's rights, supports extreme religious courts and suppressed by force initiatives to move away from an absolute monarchy.

Cameron is going as the official representative of the British People. If he asked us, what would we think?

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