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The things to come

2015. Will we survive it?

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And Finally...

This will be the year of Windows 10, for anyone that actually cares about such things. Windows 10 will, it is hinted, answer all the criticisms from Windows 8, only partially addressed by Windows 8.1. From the little I have read Microsoft are sort of admitting that there may still be two markets out there - the mobile one and the non-mobile one, and sometimes they may be the same market and sometimes they might be completely different ones doing different things in different ways.

Some people love working on tiny little screens with touch technology and some are working with systems where that is just impossible. Both are legitimate and both spend money on applications. A company that alienates either group is taking its life in its hands.


And I hear that Google are upgrading some of their search functionality and especially Search Tools. Those who do filter results rely heavily on the ability to filter by time - Any time, past hour, past week, past month and so on, though past 6 months would be nice to see. So, the addition of being able to search the Future day, week and month should come in very handy, especially for lawyers.

Whatever 2015 brings, the world will probably not come to an end, as usual. But I suppose the normal selection of winners and losers will still shout out loud and often so we are all painfully aware of who they are while forgetting all about the people who had no choice at all how they were affected.

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