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2015. Will we survive it?

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Sinking Feeling

If UK politics leaves you with the feeling that we are about to drown, spare a thought for the islanders of Carteret. These simply communities are seeing their homes inundated by the continuous and scientifically significant rise in see levels over the last century or so. Papua New Guinea will be relocating the entire population as there is no solution to their woes. Not far behind them are the Maldives, the lowest lying nation in the world and far more populated and technically modern than the Carteret Islands. While the world find it easy to ignore the plight of tiny islands and people they may never have heard of, it is harder to ignore somewhere that doubles as a major tourist destination.


The place to be at the latter end of 2015 will be Paris at the UN Climate Change Conference. It is expected to sign off a new agreement that brings together the fragmented dustbin of deals that support what climate action is actually taken world wide.  This could easily be dismissed as another belch of hot air, but there is some optimism about the proposed protocol, which will have legal clout, since the US and China announced their positive contribution back in November.

Too late for the Carteret Islands and possibly for many other groups too, but there is the possibility that long term they might actually be moving in the right direction. Don't hold your breath though. Oh, actually, you might need to!

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