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2015. Will we survive it?

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Farage and the End of the World

Meantime, it is just possible that even if Salmond wins the Gordon seat in May, it might get completely ignored because of the potential success of UKIP.


It is difficult to work this one out. There are two opinions here. Both sides agree that UKIP are going to get a sizable percentage of the vote. However, whether that turns into many seats is up for debate. After all, the Lib Dems under a Proportional system would have had a lot more seats over the years than they actually have had.

We could end up with the interesting situation of UKIP being a part of a Tory coalition. That would really test Cameron - his decision could finally nail down whether the man is really a moderate, even minded chap who sees a future within Europe, or a two faced git who would rather be in power than stand up for the high ground. If he is truly the person he told us he was years ago, he would resign rather than be in bed with Farage. I am glad I am not a betting man.

If UKIP do get significant power one way or another, then we will be out of Europe. That will probably prove to be the worst decision we have made in just about the entire history of this country.  Not that the EU is wonderful, it is near to breaking, but intentionally making your own country "small" in a world that is rapidly getting "big" is just lunacy.

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