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2015. Will we survive it?

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Alex Salmond and the English Vote

If the sad Scottish independence referendum proved anything at all it is that the people who's opinions we hear the most are the ones who care least about the people they are fighting for, but we knew that anyway.


Salmond will be putting himself up for election to Westminster (you know, that place he wanted nothing to do with?) in the May general election. He basically wants to go into parliament to whine and bicker and cause as much disruption as possible  - not that he is a bad loser or anything, but since his initial, balanced resignation speech as Scottish leader, he has been nothing but, to the point of Andrew Neal giving him an earful for talking bollocks on the Daily Politics (he said it nicer than that, to be fair.)

With politicians all over getting in a complete mess about the English part of the Union not having an independent voice and completely missing the obvious (let all the MPs also represent their regions and only go to Westminster for UK politics), anything could happen. The only thing guaranteed is that it is going to end up a pile of horse dung and Salmond will be up to his neck in it.

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