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The things to come

2015. Will we survive it?

A Big Think

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So, this 2015 thing has landed and in someways it is going to be really important and in a ton of other ways it is going to be a non-event.


It depends who you are. For those who love the grind of politics, it is an election year in the UK, so lots to get your teeth into. For those who hate politics it is an election year in the UK so you might want to hide.

This whole new year thing is really a pile of bunk. It is used as an excuse for a party, which is okay, but it is also used by the political and media establishment alike to set our agenda for us, whether we like it or not.

In the meantime, the rest of the world, business and political go on regardless in a fluid stream of change, and it is only us in our conceit that will declare that "this year is going to be different to last year" as if that had never happened before.

So while our political figures fiddle, Rome will still continue to heat up with climate change and some of the more vial political forces will push beyond their existing zones.

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