Me In The Middle
Leaders fly to Saudi to pay respects to Abdullah. Should they?

David Cameron is flying to Riyadh to pay respects to the late Saudi King, Abdullah, a man who has ruled over a country that comes down hard on women's rights, supports extreme religious courts and suppressed by force initiatives to move away from an absolute monarchy.

Cameron is going as the official representative of the British People. If he asked us, what would we think?

New constellation of Satellites to bring Internet to all

Virgin Partners up with OneWeb to bring internet to the whole globe via the largest constellation of Satellites yet envisaged.

As our reliance on computer technology grows, what will a totally connected world feel like?

Why are people still using PPI Claims Companies?

Let me be completely clear, right up front.

PPI claims companies are opportunistic, misleading, abusive companies who rip you off for something you could do very easily yourself.

Got that? Now, read on.

Its time to stop linking Islam and the Terrorists

It is a no brainer - there is a complete difference between your ordinary Muslim and what is known as an Islamic Terrorists.

And yet we spend all our time linking them together and then expecting one side to explain the other and... it is a mess and it is hurting everyone.

No Justification at all

There is simply no justification for the attacks on Charlie Hebdo in any rule book or in any law or in any heart that can be judged worthy of being civilized.

Homework - the solution or the problem?

Tom Bennett, penning a piece for the Times Educational Supplement, has said that a lot of homework is a pointless exercise.

To the whoops of joy from pupils around the country, it begs the question of whether we are getting education right in any way at all in the modern world.

2015. Will we survive it?

Watch out! 2015 has landed.

Oh, come on, you have to have known it would come along at sometime, didn't you? Well, here it is and what can we expect? British general election, Alex Salmond being reborn, Nigel Fararge everywhere, more climate change, more struggling economies and then all the dark stuff like ISIS and Windows 10.  You may not want to read this....

Coming Soon - Soviet 2.0

As Vladimir Putin tightens his grip over the state of Russia and some worry that he is eyeing up his beloved old Soviet territories, are we soon to see a new Iron Curtain descend across the continent of Europe?

But this will not be a curtain built from the corrupted fabric of idealism, but one built from greed and control and using the cold blade of economics - assuming Russia does not go broke first.

Why don't they shutup about each other?

Election fever is about to hit the country whether we want it to or not and a huge part of that is going to be me sitting here watching each of the party politicians rip holes in the other partys' politicians.

But are we really interested in what they have to say about each other.

Breaking micro business for the sake of politics

January the first, 2015 is the day that new VAT rules come into force that will mean that tiny little companies all over the world will find selling to EU customers a complete pain in the arse.

One again, government proves it is completely out of touch.

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