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TV Leaders Debates - Do we really learn anything?
TV Leaders Debates - Do we really learn anything?

TV Election Debates - Complete bollocks

What's All That About?

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Listen up, Clegg, Cameron, Miliband, Fararge, and you other party leaders.

We don't give a pissing ant for what you think of each other,  how you fight or how brave or cowardly you are.

We don't care about what YOU say YOU want to do.

We want to TELL you what to do. That is what we pay you for. We want to put our X next to the person and party that meets with what WE want. No one else.


We want you to answer OUR questions, not the selected crap from some over manicured TV big-wig.

But what do you want to do?

You want to have a prize fight. Show who is boss. Show who is the statesman, the best dressed, the most "in with the people," like any of you would know who the people are if your handlers didn't point them out to you.

You want to pose, posture, promise, preach and pratt around behind a lectern like a prize peacock.

And your bosses, the media heavyweights, all they do is sit there and count the numbers, look at the popularity polls,  play with the formulas.

Watching Cameron and Miliband rip holes in each other tells us nothing. It does not answer our questions, it does not tell us whether we can trust them or not, it does not tell us whether they understand what we and OUR country needs.

When you turn on your TV or computer and watch the debates, if they happen, if you really believe you are watching anything else than a pile or prancing ponies, then you are truly getting the government you deserve.


Talk about it

Be nice, don't swear, keep to the subject. This is not some "adult only" room where you can be a big jerk and think you are all grown up. We are all stuck in the middle one way or another, so be fair to the others you are stuck with.

Love and kisses, @its_middle_me

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